Experiences matter. When you look at your portraits years from now, you'll remember the experience involved as well as the memories of a moment you'll never get back. Don't waste it being uncomfortable or anxious about being in front of the camera, it will show in the portrait quality.


One of the most important factors, Products express a family's dynamics. Ellyn Reid Photography is more than just a photographer getting it right, it's an entire consulting business driven by what clients want. Taking the pressure off of sales is the option to pay off your purchases in payments, giving you an opportunity to invest in your future generation.

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Physical products are great, but in the 21st century it's all about the digital's. With every wall art purchase comes the digital file and printing release included as our 'Thank You' for doing business. The digital file is optimized for online viewing & ordering to insure quality in all products, regardless of where you purchase them.


Quality matters, just as much as experience. Every option available for you is the highest quality option Ellyn Reid Photography can put their name on. Bottom line  inferiority is for other photographers, not for a business that values making a house into a home. All products are archival quality, guaranteed to stand the test of time for generations.

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baby breastfeeding session

SoCal Breastfeeding Session

What’s one thing you think of when you think SoCal? Fun in the Sun! Well here is a “leggy blonde” that’s got it going on. 😉 (Flight of the Conchords reference if you’re not so geeky saavy) This blonde mama was so much fun during her breastfeeding session! She was giggling the entire session filled
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Breastfeeding Women of Color

As a photographer I was super excited this mom emailed me to book a World Breastfeeding Week session. When we met for the nursing session I was beyond thrilled to find out they were both women of color that I would be photographing. African American statistics for breastfeeding are at a more dangerous public health
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nursing baby by Ellyn Reid Photography

San Diego Nursing Session

I love a clean minimal nursing session, right next to my more artsy nursing session. It provides a good palate cleanser so to speak, like those coffee beans hanging out in the perfume section. It can get overwhelming looking at artsy creative sessions and some clients just enjoy sticking to the basics. It makes for
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newborn breastfeeding session

Newborn Breastfeeding Session – San Diego World Breastfeeding Week

I was very surprised when the San Diego Breastfeeding Week kicked off with some long distance clients who were supportive of our charity cause. This young mother came to visit me from over an hour away! She was a mom wanting a newborn breastfeeding session with her new family to celebrate their newest phase in life.
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Special Needs Family Session by Ellyn Reid Photography

The Alexander Family | Freedom from Autism

When the Alexander Family came to Ellyn Reid Photography for their Christmas portrait needs, I was well prepared for their unique needs. You see, Emmett is on the spectrum for autism and as a toddler that in itself can be the a stressful challenge without adding a portrait session too. How do you concentrate on
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San Diego Homecoming by Ellyn Reid Photography

The Stone Family Homecoming | Welcome Them Home

I was so happy when Tanya contacted Ellyn Reid Photography for her upcoming homecoming. When your family is pulled apart by duty for 148 days, you’re more than ready to be reunited for a really memorable homecoming day. Military homecomings are like no other, “The Longer the Wait, the Sweeter the Kiss” is an often
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San Diego Newborn Photography by Ellyn Reid Photography

Everleigh’s Newborn Session

After witnessing the birth of newborn Everleigh which you can catch up on over here at The Persinger Birth, it was truly a delight to be able to snuggle this newbie baby for two hours and get some really gorgeous newborn shots. We wanted to stick with a more earthly organic quality to the art that
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San Diego Homebirth by Ellyn Reid Photography

The Persinger Birth Story

The second phone call Stephanie made after announcing her pregnancy was to call me and book my birth services. She knew from the get go that she’d be home birthing. Her husband Shamus would be away on deployment and with her toddler Owen in tow, this hippy knew she could do it. Her pregnancy was
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Creative birthday session by Ellyn Reid Photography

Garden Styled Birthday Session | Balboa

When a child turns five, something magical happens. They bridge that space between the baby they were and the child they are now. Katerina was turning five and wanted a garden styled birthday session that her siblings didn’t have. Her brother and sister share the same birthday so she felt she deserved something special like
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Styled Holiday Session by Ellyn Reid Photography

The Hall Holiday Session

The Hall Family came to me for the third time in 2012 at the start of the holiday season, excited for Christmas Cards! I’ve enjoyed capturing Anna’s cheeky grin and sassy attitude, it makes me so sad that such a great client has moved on with their lives and are up in Washington waiting for
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